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EDMONTON – Juicing may not be new, but the demand for green juice has certainly been growing. Many have been turning to the nutritional trend as an easy way to meet their daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

“The volume of produce that goes into one of these juices is incredible. It’s huge piles. So we know that there’d be no way you could sit down and have a massive salad like this and expect to have any time in your day to do anything else…you’d just be eating salad all day,” said Marnie Ashcroft, the owner of Glow Juicery in Edmonton.

The store opened its doors in Whitemud Crossing at the end of September and has seen a steady increase in business since. It sells about 120 bottles a day (at $8 each), and Ashcroft thinks that volume will double in the next few months.

Among their ingredients…

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