Foodie On Board


One of my favourite food shows is “Come Dine With Me”.  I will sit transfixed for hours watching people cook up a storm for 4 complete strangers. So recently, four of my foodie friends and I decided to host our own “Come Dine With Me” series of dinner parties.  What a hoot!  We tried to stick to the TV series’ format as much as we could, without all the drama, and of course we weren’t strangers to each other.  Each person hosted one dinner party, serving 4 courses. We then voted on whose dinner was the best, (through a neutral friend) and the winner received a gift certificate to a swanky spa here in Vancouver. Honestly, it was so much fun. The cooks each had a few intense of days of stress, as they planned and cooked and hosted, but the rest was all gravy (so to speak)!…

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