A Real Appetite

So Scott is preparing for the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, which means this week he wants all pasta, all the time. I made a cheesy pasta casserole yesterday and shrimp scampi was requested by the carbo-loader for tomorrow. So I thought I’d make something…less Italian…tonight. What the hell, I thought. This morning I cut my hair short (!), tonight I’ll make a peanut sauce.


peanut butter

The idea was clenched when I found not one, not two, but three open jars of pb in the cabinet. What?! Clearly we needed to clean out. I decided that it would be brilliant to mix the sauce up in the peanut butter jar. One less dish to clean!


After that heavy cheesy pasta last night and fried falafel after my haircut, I thought it’d be nice to go lighter. Seven different vegetables seemed like the way to go. Though if you don’t have 7…

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