Labyrinth Farm

I planted garlic today!!  I’m very excited.   (I’m always excited when I plant stuff.)

Sow True Seeds has been advertising their garlic starts.  I had it in my head that when we were in Asheville this week I would pick some up.  But, on October 8th, they Tweeted that they were running through their supply and expected to be down to a single variety pretty soon.  So, I called and ordered 3 varieties for them to hold for me until I could pick them up at the retail location

I got the Sampler, which was one hardneck and one softneck variety, and a softneck that intrigued me. The varieties are Red Toch (1/2 lb.), California Early and German Red (1/4 lb. each).  The German Red is the hardneck.

Because I really didn’t think I needed a pound of garlic cloves, I have divided them into 4 packages, planting…

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