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If you have a nut allergy, or are a college student and don’t want to spend your entire pay check on pine nuts, pesto can be a sore subject. Buuut, I have good news! Check out this nut-free pesto recipe, for your tasting! Your tummy and wallet have never been so happy, I know.

I was inspired to make this kale pesto as a sauce for a delicious dinner of sweet potato ravioli . However, after enjoying all my raviolis I still had a good amount of pesto left and found a number of alternate delicious uses for pesto!

Check it out.

  • A dollop of this pesto on a baked potato (yes please).
  • Spread some of this pesto on a piece of toast, sprinkle with parmesan, and broil for 30 seconds. (YUM!)
  • Fry an egg, and throw it on top of a piece of pesto-topped toast! (ok, yes.)
  • Stirred into…

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