you better think twice before putting a carton or bottle of orange juice in your shopping cart!  here are reasons why store bought “orange juice” is no bueno:

  • most are made from concentrate, that’s already bad enough to start
  • it undergoes a process called deaeration which oxygen is removed for longer preservation
  • as a result of deaeration, the flavors have been lost, so it’s artificially flavored with “flavor packs” that are full of chemicals
  • pasteurized, resulting in nutrient & vitamin losses

you really don’t need a fancy commercial orange juicer like this to make fresh orange juice, all you need is a simple juicer like this at home to make fresh squeezed orange juice!

storage & uses:

  1. store juice in mason jars to keep fresh.  fresh squeezed orange juice has a refrigerator shelf life of about 12 days!
  2. freeze in ice cube trays.  great for making smoothies and can even…

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