Northwest State of Mind

We’re traveling through the Midwest this week, visiting family in Indiana and Pennsylvania… thus, eating and drinking our way from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh and back again. Accordingly, we’ve had enough beer, pastries, and bar food to last a month (although Marty’s brother’s Indian mother-in-law made us an amazing feast last night).

In short, we’re dying for some healthy, Northwest-style, home-cooked food. I’m especially looking forward to a colorful plate full of veggies and fish, as opposed to the white-on-brown, starch-heavy food we’ve had of late. It’s a stretch to call this a recipe, but in anticipation of our return, I thought I’d share this go-to side dish: a loaded yet healthy sweet potato.

As with most of my “recipes”, this is open to interpretation based on your own taste and what’s in the crisper…

How I Cooked It

Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees

Poke a sweet-potato (skin on) with…

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