jen goes vegan

This easy broiler method for roasting peppers has me making them often! They’re a colorful, intense-flavored addition to salads, wraps, hummus, over pizza, straight from the jar…you name it.  You choose how much of the charred peel you want to stay on; it adds more smoky flavor.  Store the roasted pepper strips in jars with olive oil, a little sea salt or a splash of Coconut Aminos, and some garlic cloves to use them within a couple of weeks.  Or, store them longer in the freezer in a tightly covered container.  The peppers shown (equivalent to 6 bell peppers) made two pint-sized jars plus a little more.

Bake Time: 30-40 minutes
Prep Time: 15 min. cooling time + 10 or more minutes (depending how many peppers)


Bell peppers: 6 red, yellow, and orange
Olive oil, several drizzles
Coconut aminos, Bragg’s aminos, or sea salt to taste
Several cloves…

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