The Wild Mess




   I finally witnessed the change, from summer to autumn. My FAVORITE time of year! I woke up early and walked to work, I have never felt more calm. The weather was perfect the LA sun was shining, the wind was blowing, leaves were rustling and I knew at that moment fall had arrived. My favorite season, where leaves change colors, apples are crisp, and AHHHH COLD SEASON ARRIVES!!!!! I rarely get sick but the one thing I always seem to catch are those darn sniffles. They are feared by EVERYONE! So, this year I’m taking every precaution possible to avoid the sniffles, tissue and endless hours spent on bed rest. With that said I’m prepping my go to “cold repellant” a.k.a. Green Juice. Having grown up in the NW I am an apple snob, I’m used to perfectly crisp and sweet apples and I have a weakness…

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