Hourglass And Bloom

Mike and I were talking about juicing the other day…the culture, the health factors, the possible insanity. My mouth may be incapable of forming the words “Juice Cleanse” or “Fasting”, but I do understand that a juice here and there can give you quite a nice little boost.

Blessed with our shiny new glorious Vitamix, I set out juicing. I knew I wanted to make a mainly green mix; something that could be added to other smoothies to give it a veggie punch, or it could be sipped on it’s own. I do love me some fiber, but for this particular recipe, I strained it out so only the liquid juice remained. Fiber is wonderful for you, but if it’s extracted, then the nutrients from all those delicious fruits and vegetables are more easily passed into your system, not out the other end. Ahem.


BOOST JUICE // Hourglass And Bloom #greenjuice #vitamix


BOOST JUICE // Hourglass And Bloom #greenjuice #vitamix


Working in batches…

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