A Mediterranean Diet in Texas

I’m making samfaina to put on a pizza crust for tomorrow’s lunch. I can’t say that this is a typical recipe in any land except my own home, and even here it hasn’t been made for several years. 

First, the samfaina. I started by chopping up the tomatoes and putting them to cook in my earthenware pan with some olive oil. I added some cloves of garlic, then two zucchinis and two red bell peppers. The concoction is cooking up while the eggplant is draining. After adding the eggplant, I’ll throw in some tomatoes and let it all cook slowly for several hours.

As far as the pizza crust goes, I’ll likely use this recipe later on in the day and bake it with the samfaina as the topping. I’m not sure yet whether or not I’ll add some cheese. There is also the possibility that I’ll ditch the pizza…

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