All Together in a Scattered Sort of Way

I would like to apologize for the enormous rumbling sound you’ve been hearing for the past week. To clarify, that would be my stomach, burbling so loudly we’ve all been bracing for an Alien-style invasion. See, stomachs do that when you don’t put anything in them for five days. Well, anything except juice.

Nick and I were on a juice diet this week, and by “juice diet” I mean “consuming nothing but unappetizingnasty healthy juices made in our juicer from fresh fruits and veggies.” And when I say, “nothing,” I mean nothing. No food. Nada. Zilch.

Like refugees. Or prisoners of war.

I can hear you shaking your heads from here. Or see you. Whatever. All of the energy that would normally go to making my brain function has been used to keep me upright.

Cucumbers and celery. It’s what’s for breakfast!

The reason for…

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