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imageThe other day a Facebook friend posted a photo of okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients.  Right away, what came to mind was my mom’s tortang repolyo, an egg omelet filled with shredded cabbage and other ingredients.  Apparently, it is also a popular Colombian dish (torta de repolyo) –  proof that there could be just three degrees of separation among various world cuisines!

I am no fan of cole slaw mostly because I don’t like eating raw cabbage.  But cabbage in my soup, pancit or omelet — that’s a totally different story.

Tortang repolyo is easy to prepare.  It can be baked or pan fried. All it takes are some sautéed spices, cabbage and the egg batter.  It can be vegetarian or cooked with meat or seafood. It can be served with your favorite sauce — ranging from mayonnaise to ketchup to sweet chili sauce.

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