Exercise the Positive

As I await my final thesis defense (waiting to exhale…), more than ever, I have become more intent on keeping the doctor away.

But that’s not really the reason why I decided on apples for breakfast. I just saw this apple sitting on top of our fruit bunch (along with some lemons, bananas, and some oranges for juicing) and I thought: “Why don’t I slice up this apple and top it with some creamy greek yogurt?”


I had also just made a new batch of my coconut-green tea smoothie, and they looked just like a perfect healthy pair for a Friday breakfast in preparation for some note (devotional) writing for the 2015 Light to My Path. I have a deadline coming at the end of the month, and really, I hate to keep people waiting.

Also, on another happy note, the devotional guide my co-writers and I worked on a…

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