The Botanical Kitchen

When we first got our allotment, we thought the wisest thing to do would be to grow a little at a time.  Let’s not over exert and plant every bit of land. Let’s sit back, learn and take things easy.  At the beginning of the summer we looked upon our allotment after yet another afternoon of weeding the empty spaces and decided enough was enough.  If we were going to have to weed every week, we may as well have the satisfaction of planting something to weed around!

So we decided upon beetroot, courgettes and spaghetti squash along 5 neat rows. We opted for two varieties of courgettes.  The usual long green ones and a more unusual round yellow one.  I know that’s not a very technical explanation but I have thrown the seed packets away!

They sprouted up beautifully over the summer and were only two weeks behind everyone…

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