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imageThere is never a celebration in Filipino homes or public fiestas without noodles. Pancit. At every birthday party I ever had, or attended, pancit was always served. Filipinos believe that serving noodles will bring about long life.

There are many kinds of pancit in Philippine cuisine.  They vary in ingredients and manner of preparation, but the one big difference is the kind of noodle that is used: wheat, rice, corn starch, egg, you name it. Noodles come thick or thin,  yellow or brown, transparent or opaque.

Pancit Bihon is probably the most common noodle dish in the Philippines. It is quite easy to prepare. It is a sautéed dish that uses thin, silvery rice noodles, combined with chicken and pork — sometimes with fresh or dried shrimp – along with vegetables. It can be a main staple in itself. Oddly enough, Filipinos eat pancit with rice!


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