Feeding Baby Monster

Kale Quiche

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile.  Vacation really isn’t a vacation when you have a baby.  Now we are finally in a routine and we can begin experimenting with food again–like KALE!

This is a great recipe, and one that Baby Monster would not stop eating (surprisingly).  The greatest thing about this recipe is that you can have it for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner!  The fact that he enjoys eating kale is the greatest thing ever!

Note:  This particular quiche I used a hash brown crust instead of your normal pie crust.  That’s mostly because I had potatoes sitting there about to go to waste, and my husband prefers it (plus you can reduce the salt).  You can totally use a pie crust if you want, or try the hash brown crust!

For the crust:
2-3 medium potatoes, shredded
~3-4 tbs. butter, melted

For the quiche:
1 small onion…

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