Tina's Cocina

Butternut squash have humiliated and defeated me multiple times in the past. But, now I can say that they no longer intimidate me. I can actually peel them without ending up in the emergency department and that is a good thing! 🙂

Peeling a winter squash can be hard. But this makes sense since winter squashes have a hard skin. (Summer squash have a skin that is easy to cut through…think zucchini and yellow squash.)

Here is an easy way to peel a winter squash (I used a butternut squash for this example, but it should work for any winter squash.)

Rinse off the squash, take off any stickers that are on it and put it on a cutting board. Slash the skin several times with a knife, being careful not to slash yourself in the process. You are not cutting all the way through the squash, just making some…

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