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The Blissful Caesar Salad

I meant to make and post about something oozing with chocolate…. but then I ate it.
Picture or it didn’t happen, right? (haha)

So here is what I made BEFORE that. Something incredibly healthy.
I introduce to you, the Blissful Caesar Salad.

The caesar dessing kind of happened accidentally, but I will accept my mistake and gladly gobble it all up!

Whenever I make a salad, I tend to put e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g I have into it, so as it never fails, this salad contains a lot of veg veg. You can make yours as plain or complicated as you like!

Here are the deets:

* raw cashews (soaked)
* water
* salt & pepper (I used coarse salt)
* lemon or a vinegar of choice (I like apple cider vin.)
* GARLIC is necessary here! (fresh or powdered)
* any spices you like
* any herbs (fresh or dried)

And there you have it!

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