Yup, I’m not leaving much for surprise at the end in this post.

You may remember a month or so ago when I overcame my childhood disgust for beets with a roasted beet salad.  It made me want to try different ways to use them and I thought a beet chip recipe would be perfect.  I figured it would make me feel a bit healthier eating a large bowl of beet chips rather than potato chips or pretzels.  So I started in.

raw beets

First issue came up rather quickly.  It was my first time using our mandolin (the Hubs bought it special for pickle slicing this summer) and even with the special guard, I had a hard time getting the tough, round beets to slice for me.  They really shredded more than anything else.  I was bound and determined to keep going.  I kept telling myself I’d get it on the…

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