The Un-Desperate Housewife


Rory seems a little better today but wasn’t 100% himself so we decided a slow, pampering, healthy day was needed for us all. We headed over to Tribeca where we went to Whole Foods and stocked up on lots of healthy food bits like these juices and this new porridge in a bid to stay healthy (even though we have a sneezing and coughing toddler). Whilst the boys enjoyed a gently play at the park, I enjoyed a lovely pampering pedicure at favourite Ten over Ten which always helps to make me feel better. Afterwards we all met up and went to one of our favourite brunch places in the city – Tiny’s. Once at home, O headed downstairs to the gym, Rory tried, but failed to nap and I did my pregnancy relaxation hypnotherapy. Later in the afternoon, the boys headed out for a bike ride so…

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