Not finding myself, but creating myself

So having reflected on the need to log daily, here I am catching up on FOUR days in hindsight!! Shameful.

This has been a VERY interesting experience. I have juiced for 7 days previously, but when I did the condition of my body and my lifestyle were very different. This almost feels like something I have never done before, and I have a few observations to report and a few conclusions to draw from this experience, which I think I will do in a summary post for day 7.


Days 3-6 have been good. I will be honest and tell you that my body is TELLING ME to eat. Not a deceptive psychological hunger, not a desire to put things in my mouth, but my body has clearly indicated at times that it can’t do what I’m asking it to on just juice, sometimes resulting in physical discomfort. Specifically, it…

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