The big debate! (Or at least one that has transpired in my kitchen…)

Juicing vs Blending

So, I’ve noticed that “juicing” is in. No, I do not mean the kind of juicing that’s illegal (yes, I’ve overheard people make this misinterpretation). I’m talking about making fresh juice out of fresh fruit with some form of juicer. That said, smoothies are just as popular as they ever were; you can’t go too far within the blogosphere without finding a post with a smoothie recipe. Case in point.

But the question still remains: what’s better for you? Both contain fruit and, although juicing can incorporate an efficient amount of veggies into your morning drink, smoothies often have other healthy ingredients such as protein, yogurt and/or flax seeds, etc. So, which one’s better for you?

Check out what I learned below and let me know what you think. I’m happy to hear any outside opinions…

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