Lymie eating coconut

Sorry I went MIA. I really had hoped to stay on top of daily posting for Mofo. And I hate when people apologize for not posting. I mean it’s like, just don’t post then get back to it when you want to, ok? But I also dislike long gaps with no posts when I expect one. I’m a demanding reader. But I’ve been feeling kinda cruddy and trying to deal with medical appointments which have been rescheduled about 10 times on me (not exaggerating, I wish). And someone in my lyme support group died. Which I mention not as an after thought but as a note, hey, lyme kills. I could devote more of a post to the whole subject but it’s too depressing right now.

Healthy juice. I’ll give you a pic I have of my delicious green juice I made awhile ago with watermelon rind, celery, kale stalks…

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