If You Give A Cowgirl A Cookie

Well its Wednesday, hump day, the middle of the week!

Yay!!! We all made it three days into the week! 4 more days to go……

Anyways its Wednesday and I’m three days into my weekly workout. Today I work on toning my legs, this is where I shine. All my life my legs have been the powerhouse of my fitness physique. Until adulthood hit. Growing up I was a scottish highland dancer and an irish dancer aka lots of cardio and jumping = fit sexy legs. Also I rode horses so I was doing pretty good in the leg department. But my core SUCKED!

Through this last week and a half on I’ve come to realize two things:

A) I have muscles in my tummy area and I have to use them now.

B) It F-ING hurts to use them, but it hurts so good!!!

Luckily wednesdays I feel weightless…

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