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Hey Nerdz, ever have one of those nights where you have literally no idea what to make for dinner and just want something quick, easy, and most importantly HEALTHY!? Well, I had one of those nights tonight so, for my Tasty Tuesday dinner, all I did was throw together a few of my favorite ingredients into a pan, added a little honey sesame teriyaki marinade, and called it a stir fry. The ingredients listed below are some of the things that I had happened to pick up at the grocery store, but you can verify your stir fry and add whatever you’d like to it! These types of stir fries are my favorite, and I like to call them, garbage can stir fries! Be creative, have fun, and enjoy!


1 package of steak tips

15 de-shelled shrimp

1 yellow pepper

1 orange pepper

1/2 yellow onion

1 package of…

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