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I bought my first okra of the season last week at the local farmers market; the purple and green variety, along with some cherry tomatoes of various hues. See more CUTE veggies here


cherry tomatoes

I didn’t have a plan of action other than stewing together with some onion.

I started with that basic plan and added several cloves of chopped garlic.

sauteed okra

After adding chopped tomatoes, I let it cook on low for a bit to get nice and stewy (not sure that is a word?)

stewed okra and tomatoes

Then I got creative and added some kale that was sitting in the fridge. This mixed right in with the stew-ish-ness of the okra and tomato combo.


I was missing protein and didn’t want meat, so I added some red beans I had pre-cooked and put in the freezer. Not quite sure how this would turn out, I gambled the whole dish on this one…

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