Juice #2 was definitely more ‘pulpy’ than I would have liked but flavor wise it was still tasty! As I sucked the grainy green liquid through my straw I realized if I wanted to do this right, I would have to buy a juicer! After all, it isn’t called a JUICE cleanse for nothing, right?!?!

After a lot of research, I admittedly shouldn’t have been doing during office hours, I found a reasonably priced, reliable brand with great reviews. I will hold off on sharing any brand details in case it’s awful…not trying to squash anyone’s juicing success!

Since the prospect of watching my coworkers chew their undoubtedly delicious lunches was depressing, I ran to the store and snagged the last previously mentioned juicer for a whooping $63 total (and if you know anything about juicers, that’s a steal)!

While I will delightfully down the remaining two juices I’ve already…

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