Confessions of a Global Globetrotter

Just had this last night for dinner and decided to post. Its very simple to make and works great as a side dish to any meat/chicken on the table or with a nice warm bowl of steamed white rice. Do try it and let me know what you think!




1 packet of green whole vegetables (here used chop suey)

Hot water for boiling of vegetables

3 tbsp sesame oil

3 cloves garlic

2tbsp soya sauce

1 red chili


1. Boil vegetables in pot of water for 5-7 mins (till vegetables are half-cooked). Then take vegetables out and drain.

2. In a different pan, pour sesame oil and heat. When hot, add garlic and fry till soft.

3. Once soft, add soya sauce and red chili

4. Arrange vegetables on a platter and pour the garlic, chili and soya sauce mixture over the vegetables

5. Serve…

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