Eternally Anchored

After going to PF Changs a couple of times and falling in love with their lettuce wrap I decided to create my own. I didn’t even attempt to exactly duplicate theirs (way to complex for me). I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! It was delicious!

Green Bell Pepper
Olive Oil
House of Tsang Stir Fry Sauce


1) Cut chicken into small pieces, heat olive oil in a pan, place chicken in the pan and let it fully cook.

2) Dice the onion, mushrooms, and bell peppers, throw all of them into a pan and heat for 15 minutes.

3) Once the chicken is thoroughly cooked, pour the mix of vegetables into the pan with the chicken.

4) Peal 1 layer of the lettuce off and place your chicken mix into lettuce.

5) Pour a small amount of stir fry sauce…

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