C H O W I N G • W I T H • R A N D Y


If you know me, then you should know that I dislike eating veggies, but I tend to eat it still every once in awhile when I’m feeling uber unhealthy. Well this isn’t too healthy, but yeah. I really love eating fries, and I recently talked to my manager about how he loved eating zucchini fries, so I thought why not giving it a try! I have no clue how I came up with the madness but it turned out great!

Unlike potatoes, I knew that zucchinis aren’t very stable when they’re cooked, so I knew I had to do a breading and everything. Cooking for a couple days now with corn starch, I’ve came to a realize that it is a great frying buddy when you’re prepping breading for the foods that you’re frying. It sticks very well and it doesn’t fall off like flour!

While prepping…

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