A happy organic vegetarian journey

A lot of my friends asking me, “What is so special with organic vegetables?”

My answer is simple: “Nothing so special, It’s similar to the agricultural method that our ancestors are using, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, you can taste the originality of Vegetables. Most important when we are supporting organic farming, we are doing our part to help the ailing environment. At least, we play our role to preserve it for the coming generation.”

Imagine if everybody also not doing anything, our precious soil, source of water, air  will be polluted by pesticide and chemical, where is the future for all beings?

We might see more “sick” society…

I always encouraged my friends to cook the organic vegetables to their children, they can see the difference, children will start to take some vegetables even though previously they might dislikes. The taste is so different, “The sweetness of the vegetables”.

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