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photo(306)They’re called winged beans because they resemble green bean pods with four-sided “wings”  running lengthwise. Sigarilyas, as they are called in the Philippines, are popular as an ingredient in Pinakbet, a pork and vegetable stew which is a signature cuisine for the Ilocos Region of Northern Luzon.

Since I started my food blog almost two years ago, I have been searching for a local source of this legume plant in the San Francisco Bay Area, scouring ethnic markets in the Mission, Chinatown and Little Saigon.  It’s when I stopped looking that it suddenly showed up in the vegetable section of my favorite Vietnamese grocery store in San Jose the other day!

It’s been decades since I had this recipe of winged beans in coconut milk while I was living in the Philippines, so you can imagine my excitement in finally finding sigarilyas in the U.S. of A!



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