Goldilocks Training

Have you savvy readers ever heard of that quote: “you can pay the farmer or pay the doctor”? It’s been attributed to a few people, one of which is an 11-year old boy from a Tedx conference (good on him!) but the point is incredibly solid, no matter the origin. Organic eating has been proven time and time again as the way to go, particularly with the produce and meats you consume on a daily basis. Living chemical, preservative, and pesticide-free is best for your body and long-term health, yet I am fully aware of the greatest objection, thrifty readers: the cost. Trust me, I am onboard with your apprehension to throw your paycheck away at a certain widely-known health-centric grocery store simply to nourish one’s body. You do, after all, have to find someplace to live at the end of the day that does not involve housing yourself in…

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