More Savory, Less Sweet

I hesitated posting this, as it is so simple. Then I thought about February in Seattle.  I will want to look at these photos in a few months to remind myself there is hope….the rain will stop, the sun will shine,  the ground will thaw, we will plant a garden, and we will have gorgeous heirloom tomatoes once again.

passport 015

We are to have a few more record-breaking days in the low to mid-eighties this week.  The best summer I can remember in Seattle.  Knowing the tomatoes will soon stop, I decided to treat myself one (hopefully not, but probably so) last time to an heirloom tomato, basil and burrata salad.  It was the perfect chance.  Dave was away at a gig,  and I did not need to prepare a full meal.  Dave does not like burrata nor would he ever consider a tomato salad a meal.  He would probably fall over dead to know we paid $30…

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