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I had to make tomato sauce, and while that was simmering, I made tomato salsa.  While that was refrigerating, I blanched and froze my string beans.  While they were freezing, I saved the rest of the bean seeds to use for next year.  After that, I roasted eggplant to make Baba Ganoush.  While the eggplant were roasting, I grated squash and zucchini to freeze for upcoming breads and cakes.  I then threw a little of the grated squash into the sauce…… Phew!  Getting there – We ought not go hungry, that’s for sure!  Here is the sauce recipe:

Wenz Tomato Sauce

One 6 oz can tomato paste

Fresh tomatoes – I used approximately 12 Plum tomatoes and 5 or so “Early Girls”(once they were blanched and seeded, tomato flesh plus juice equaled about 3 cups)

3 cloves garlic (Lisa gave me a bunch of garlic she grew, in exchange…

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