This morning I made something that was pure Breaktasy (like what I have done there 😉 )

Whilst doing my usual Pinterest perusing I came across a pin that read “Cereal Milkshake for Breakfast” I immediately clicked on it and to my delight it came up with one of my favourite blogs immaeatthat. Kylie has the most incredible fun & creative recipes.

The milkshake looked AMAZING and most importantly the recipe had a frozen banana in it. Frozen bananas are another obsession! The recipe called for your ingredients to be soaked overnight and in the morning you blended your overnight ingredients with a frozen banana and milk and VOILÀ you have yourself a breaky milkshake.

However in the morning I felt myself running behind schedule and decided that blending the ingredients into a shake would take up to much time and create a mess so I took the ingredients

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