Pickled Sweet

It was so nice to pick up my CSA this week, you don’t realize how much you come to rely on having fresh produce in the house until you don’t have any.  Good thing we have so many farmer’s markets around our house!

This week’s share included:

Potatoes: I used some to make a potato salad on Saturday and the rest in soup Saturday afternoon

Onions: Some went into the potato salad, the rest in the soup!

Carrots: I used two for soup, the rest will be out vegetable for dinner tonight

Tomatoes:  I am going to eat the cherry tomatoes as a snack at work this week, the rest will probably get roasted, then put into the freezer

Beets:  I am going to boil these and toss them with a bit of butter for a side dish this week

Basil: I will add to the tomatoes before they go into the freezer

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