Ren Likes Red

If we do indeed “eat with our eyes,” what a feast I devoured on the weekend!
I had the pleasure of entertaining a lovely Thai woman, named Ploy. Or rather, she entertained me. She had been holidaying here with family and spent her last day in Australia at my kitchen bench, sharing tea, lunch and an afternoon of creative bliss.
Ploy works as a cook in a luxury resort in Phuket and is passionate about cooking, eating and presenting beautiful Thai food. Her English is very limited so regular chit chat and ‘getting to know you’ conversation is difficult. When I found myself struggling to connect, I pulled out my iPad and searched for images of Thailand and Thai food. She was instantly engaged and excited and asked me for a tomato.
What followed, was a lesson in exquisite fruit and vegetable carving and an effortless afternoon in the company…

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