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Sjucie arto what’s  the difference between juicing and blending? This question comes up all the time…along with, which is better? Should I go with the Vitamix or the juicer? If my blender mixes up the produce so well that it is the same consistency as juice…is it juice? So, to answer all of your questions at once…here is the skinny on the difference between juicing and blending. From here you can make your own decisions. 


Juicing is the process of extracting all the vital nutrients as well as water content out of a piece of produce. Juicing discards the fibrous material, making juice easily and quickly absorbed into your blood stream. Without the fiber, your digestive system does not have to work as hard to break down the food and absorb all of those vital nutrients. Consuming juice makes larger quantities of nutrients more readily available in the…

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