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If I were to tell you that there is something you can drink that literally infuses your body with millions of enzymes, keeps your immune system strong year-round, offers unparalleled protection against osteoporosis, and tastes highly refreshing and filling, would you want some?

It’s called Green Lemonade, and I don’t know a single successful wellness guru who doesn’t drink some variation of this recipe.

In fact, nothing on the planet is is more rich in live-enzymes and easily absorbable nutrition than freshly extracted vegetable juice, and I don’t mean canned V-8. I’m never surprised when my clients cringe at the first mention of green juice. What they haven’t realised yet is that there is a way to make vegetable juice delish and some would claim, borderline addictive!! I call this “Green Lemonade.”  Try it! You’ll love it!!

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