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Five must-reads: Isaac Asimov, proving our almost instinct is almost true; Francis Spufford’s guide to how to pray to the God who loves; George Orwell’s quotidian and sometimes funny private life; A.O. Scott’s definition of “strained pulp“; and the Burka-clad super-heroine!

Quote for the day: “Every angel is terror.”

The most popular posts since we went independent are “The Saddest Map In America” and “Two Popes, One Secretary” with “The GOP Calls Its Own Fiscal Bluff” and “Noonan Just Loses It,” coming up from behind. Our three biggest referrers were Google, Twitter and Facebook in that order. Over the same seven months, we sent the most Dish traffic to The Atlantic, Slate, and TPM.

I’m starting my annual fortnight August vacation tomorrow, going off-grid for a week, and then off-off-grid. I leave you in the extremely capable…

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