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Most people are unaware just how synthetic supplements actually are! Most readily available brands (i.e. those that are NOT needed to be purchased via a Healthcare Practitioner), even the expensive ones  are made of synthetic compounds which the body cannot recognise or utilise so are simply expelled through the detox pathways, namely the urine.

So why not return to nature and incorporate a daily homemade veggie juice into your day.










Image supplied by Robert Gourley


Great vegetables to include are:

Leafy greens such as kale and spinach

Root veggies such as carrots and beetroot

Herbs such as parsley

Spices such as fresh ginger

Fruits such as lemon, lime, orange, blueberries


NOTE: always add a little healthy fat and protein or enjoy with a meal to avoid a spike in insulin from this carbohydrate loaded drink. We like Coconoil and Great lakes…

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Speed Training

The Daily Sweat

Today it was too cold for a swim, so I thought I would don a long sleeve Tee and take a fast run.  My energy level is so much higher these days with the crisp fall temps, and I set off to do a quick mile, and was so pleased to shave more time off my pace.  Another 22 seconds from Saturday’s run.  Now at 8:52!  I just need to transpose the numbers; 8:52 to 8:25.  Just another 27 seconds to shake off and I will be back to my race pace.  Next will be to get my endurance back for the distance portion.  Woo Hoo.  Got home and made two large cups of green juice, packed with cucumber, kale, Cantaloupe, ginger, pear, lemon and celery.  Yum.  Gonna juice for breakfast and lunch with a handful of raw almonds if I get hungry and perhaps a good hearty seafood salad for…

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Savasana Juice Cleanse Diary – Part 1

Health Food is Whole Food

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about juicing. Since I don’t have a whole lot of experience with juicing, I decided to go on a 7-day juice experiment to let you know how I liked it and what my experiences were. Cost is always an issue with fresh, cold-pressed juice, so I found a Living Social Deal for a small, local Pittsburgh company, Savasana Juice. With the deal, I got 15x 32oz jars of juice. Since I informed you that juice can oxidize and really doesn’t last more than three days, I’m going to go get more on Wednesday. This juice company has four flavors available. Unlike other juice cleanses, there is no specified order to how you want to drink the juice. For most juice cleanses, green juice of some kind is the first to be consumed, so that’s what I started with.

Kaleypso Cooler:…

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The skinny on juicing: what you should know

Global News

EDMONTON – Juicing may not be new, but the demand for green juice has certainly been growing. Many have been turning to the nutritional trend as an easy way to meet their daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

“The volume of produce that goes into one of these juices is incredible. It’s huge piles. So we know that there’d be no way you could sit down and have a massive salad like this and expect to have any time in your day to do anything else…you’d just be eating salad all day,” said Marnie Ashcroft, the owner of Glow Juicery in Edmonton.

The store opened its doors in Whitemud Crossing at the end of September and has seen a steady increase in business since. It sells about 120 bottles a day (at $8 each), and Ashcroft thinks that volume will double in the next few months.

Among their ingredients…

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Juicing isn’t for the anxious or neurotic…

Sweetly Simple's Blog

Do I feel happier?images


Do I feel healthier?


More energy?


After a bit of time trying to weigh up the benefits of juicing I have to say it’s not for me. I am totally gutted that i didn’t have the positive results that people swear by and have been wondering where I went wrong. I’ve come to the conclusion:

Juicing isn’t for the anxious or neurotic!

Worrying about my energy levels and weight just made me more stressed and I honestly don’t think my body was ready for such a challenge. I love the idea of juicing holidays where you can put your feet up, soak up the sun and relax with others in the same boat, but to do it in the autumn in the UK by yourself, whilst going to work= not a good idea.

A friend went on one with Jason Vale and said…

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3 Juicing Recipes That Help Your Liver Cleanse Your Body

Best Juicing Recipe

In follow up to the post yesterday about ingredients that help your liver cleanse your body, here are 3 juicing recipes that use many of these nutritionally powerful ingredients!

Liver Cleanse Recipe for Juicing

1 Pink Grapefruit
2 Medium Apples
3 Medium Carrots
1 Medium Beet

This is a great detox juicing recipe for your liver because it combines 4 of the 7 ingredients known to help your liver expel toxins from your body.

Source: Spark People Recipes

Try Roots Juices GREEN GODDESS juicing recipe to help your liver cleanse! Order it online below:

Green Juicing Recipe - Green Goddess JuiceRoots Juices - Shop Our Juicing Recipes

Grapefruit Green JuiceGrapefruit Green Juice

1 grapefruit
1 cucumber
3 celery stalks
1 handful spinach
1/2 lemon
1″ chunk ginger

This healthy juicing recipe comes from Lindsay Loves Veggies blog. A great recipe to get some of the other 3 ingredients important for helping your liver cleanse your body!

Sweet Green JuiceSweet and Green Juice

3 Pears/apples
1/4 of a…

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Power Juice

All Green Everything


This wasn’t my first time at bat, but the last few times, I was little leaguing it. We were pretty serious about this one. The story of how I acquired the juicer that is probably half as old as I am is sort of funny, but more an homage to my mother the closet hoarder. Long story short, it found it’s way into the truck despite my reluctance, alongside a citrus juicer and a deep fryer. They all have their place in our repertoire but the juicer is a special one.

The best thing about juice is that you can really put whatever you want in it. You can do all carrot juice and accent it with ginger, celery and cucumber, or you can do a medley like I did. Wanna try?

What you need

4 medium sized beets
4 carrots
7 celery stalks
1 apple
1 pear
1 lemon…

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